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Aerial Media provides Unique perspectives

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Video Production

Since our launch in late 2015, V1DroneMedia has worked with many video production companies to provide aerial media coverage including: The UFC, A&E and Netflix documentaries, The Wall Street Journal, and many more! We were also involved with providing live aerial video for NBC's local affiliate (WKYC) during their news broadcast leading up to the 2016 World Series in Cleveland, OH.

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Using drone technology we are able to deliver high quality aerial imaging, mapping, and 3D models for construction site progress monitoring.  We also have the capability to provide area, volume, and distance measurements of the job site much faster than using traditional ground-based methods, increasing the efficiency of your operation which, in turn, lower construction cost!

Drone Photography For Real Estate

real estate

If you are looking for a way to showcase your client's home in a way that will make your listing stand out among the rest, then look no further than V1DroneMedia.  Using aerial media can showcase a property much better than traditional methods and will capture a prospective buyer's attention and have them wanting to see more!